Degree Requirements

Requirements for Minors

The College of Arts and Sciences offers more than 80 minors, each consisting of at least 15 College of Arts and Sciences credit hours drawn from a subset of departmental courses that focus on a set of well-defined skills associated with an established field of study or discipline. The minor does not require the same degree of immersion or specialization as a major. Students with a major in one department (e.g., English) may satisfy the requirements for a minor in a different department (e.g., Religious Studies). A student may complete up to three minors in addition to their required major. A few majors require that students also complete a minor. Only those minors that are listed in this Bulletin may appear on student transcripts. Students planning to complete a minor should consult the advisor in the department in which the minor is offered.

The following policies and requirements apply to all minors offered by the College and outside minors College students wish to list on their transcripts:

  1. A minor must consist of at least 15 or more credit hours. 
  2. A minor must include at least 9 credit hours at the 300–400 level.
  3. A student must complete at least 9 credit hours in the minor in courses on the Bloomington campus.
  4. Certain departments and programs do not count 100-level language courses toward minor requirements.
  5. Any course in which the student earns a grade below C– may not be used to fulfill a minor requirement.
  6. The grade point average of all courses taken in the minor must be at least 2.000.
  7. Some minors may have a higher overall grade point average requirement.  
  8. Courses taken to satisfy the Foundations requirement in English Composition may not be applied toward a minor requirement.

Course–specific requirements for minors can be found in the "List of Minors" or in departmental entries in this Bulletin.

For a list of minors outside the College of Arts and Sciences that can be listed on a College student's transcript, please see the section of this Bulletin entitled "Opportunities Outside the College."