Degree Requirements

Second Bachelor's Degree

In certain cases the Dean may admit Bachelor's degree holders or students currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree at IU Bloomington to candidacy for a second Bachelor's degree. There are two types of second degrees, concurrent and sequential. A concurrent degree is one earned simultaneously with a first degree. A sequential degree is one earned subsequent to a first degree (earned at IUB or elsewhere). Admission to second degree candidacy is a selective process. Applicants must meet all eligibility requirements. Candidates for second degrees must complete all degree requirements for the College of Arts and Sciences and the major(s) that they are pursuing.

Students interested in pursuing a concurrent second degree should meet with the academic advisor for the intended major of the second degree to discuss both their eligibility and rationale for pursuing a second degree. Students should download the Second Bachelor's Degree application from the College Recorder's Office website and complete it before meeting with the second-degree advisor. Concurrent applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Students interested in pursuing a sequential second degree should contact the College at colldeg2 [at] indiana [dot] edu to request application information. Students who currently hold a Bachelor's degree and wish to further their education in the same field of study as their first degree or in a closely related field should consider working toward admission to a graduate program instead of pursuing a second Bachelor's degree. Students who are certain that they want to pursue a sequential second degree must provide a compelling rationale for pursuing a second Bachelor's degree and evidence of their commitment to completing the second degree if admitted. Sequential application deadlines are April 1 for a fall start, and November 1 for a spring start. (International student deadlines are April 1 for a fall start, and September 15 for a spring start.)