Mathematics Education (N)

  • EDUC-N 510 Middle School Mathematics Curriculum (3 cr.) P: MATH T101, T102 or EDUC N102, and MATH T103 or EDUC N103, or authorization by the instructor. Focuses on preparation for mathematics teaching in the middle school years by surveying content, methods, materials, and instructional issues.  Designed primarily for inservice teachers or post-graduate preservice teachers.
  • EDUC-N 517 Advanced Study in Teaching of Secondary School Mathematics (3 cr.) P: Completion of an undergraduate methods course and teaching experience. Methods, materials, literature; laboratory practice with mathematics equipment; evaluation techniques; standards; and determination of essentials of content.  Developing mathematics programs for specific school situations.
  • EDUC-N 518 Advanced Methods in the Teaching of Middle/Junior High School Mathematics (3 cr.) Combines theory of learning, curriculum development and research in the teaching of middle/junior high school mathematics with instructional strategies. Use made of laboratory and student experiences. Special attention given to establishing foundations on which to build instructional strategies.
  • EDUC-N 523 Workshop in Elementary Modern Mathematics (1-6 cr.) Means for improving the teaching of mathematics in the elementary school. One credit hour is offered for each week of full-time work.
  • EDUC-N 524 Math Teachers Workshop (1-6 cr.) Means for improving the teaching of mathematics in the junior / senior high school.
  • EDUC-N 543 Advanced Study in the Teaching of Mathematics in the Elementary Schools (3 cr.) Designed to help the experienced teacher improve the teaching of mathematics. Opportunities will be provided for individual and group study of content, methodology, and instructional materials for modern mathematics programs.
  • EDUC-N 590 Independent Study or Research in Mathematics Education (1-3 cr.) Individual research or study with a Mathematics Education faculty member, arranged in advance of registration. A one or two page written proposal should be submitted to the instructor during the first week of the term specifying the scope of the project, project activities, meeting times, completion date, and student product(s). Ordinarily, this course should not be used for the study of material taught in a regularly scheduled course.
  • EDUC-N 610 Internship in Mathematics Education (1-3 cr.) P: Teaching experience and advanced graduate student standing in mathematics education, or consent of instructor. Under the direction of mathematics education faculty, experiences prescribed to coordinate professional practice with contemporary theory. The student's professional goals will significantly influence the prescribed experiences.
  • EDUC-N 716 Topical Seminar in Mathematics Education (2-4 cr.) Required for doctoral students in mathematics education. Study and discussion of current topics and issues in mathematics education. Areas might include curriculum, history, problem solving, research, and teacher education. May be repeated for up to 18 credit hours.
  • EDUC-N 717 Contemporary Issues in Mathematics Education (1-3 cr.) P: Doctoral student in Math Education or consent of instructor. An investigation of contemporary issues and problems in mathematics education. May be repeated.

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