Computer Education (W)

  • EDUC-W 501 Integrating Technology in Teaching (1 cr.) P: Basic computer skills (e.g., MS Office). C: Field Experience. This course is designed to provide skills and experiences that will allow effective and appropriate integration of technology into teaching and learning activities. Class will teach developed lessons and activities to a group of students during field experience.
  • EDUC-W 515 Technology Leadership and Professional Development (3 cr.) This course is about providing leadership in support of technology for learning. Students will study theories and examples of technology leadership, evaluate standards for teacher effectiveness and professional development frameworks, critique policies and procedures, conduct data analysis, and assess the needs of adult learners. Students will create plans for professional development designed to advance the use of technology in learning environments.
  • EDUC-W 531 Technology for Teaching and Learning (3 cr.) A survey of technology used for teaching and learning which explores technologies in learning environments. Students will critically examine topics such as 21st century learning, new literacies, digital divides, digital citizens, technology in classrooms, web-based tools, mobile technologies, game-based learning, and technology innovations. Students will evaluate educational technology tools and engage in social networking and collaborative learning.

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