High Ability (W, Z)

  • EDUC-W 551 Education and Psychology of the Gifted and Talented (3 cr.) Participants develop an understanding of the nature and needs of high ability individuals. Focus is on historical foundations, theories and philosophies and laws and policies related to high ability education. Identification and selection strategies, characteristics, and educational program opportunities are also emphasized.
  • EDUC-W 552 Curriculum for the Gifted and Talented (3 cr.) Participants examine issues related to curriculum design, adaptation, implementation, and evaluation. Curricular theories and models as well as subject matter modifications and administrative and program management concerns will be studied.
  • EDUC-W 553 Methods and Materials for the Gifted and Talented (3 cr.) Participants concentrate on teaching strategies that benefit gifted and talented learners. Opportunities are provided to select, develop, and evaluate educational materials for art and academic programs and to observe a group of high ability students in a special program.
  • EDUC-W 560 Topical Seminar in Gifted Education (3 cr.) Intensive study of selected topics pertaining to gifted and talented education. May be repeated.
  • EDUC-W 595 Practicum: High Ability Students (3 cr.) In this course, emphasis is on learning through field activities with in-class feedback related to the education of students who have high abilities in academic and/or arts areas. Focus is on developing leadership abilities through actively pursuing grants, creating workshops and websites, and other educational supports for high ability students.

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