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Tracey AndersonJudd Leighton School of Business and Economics

Tracey Anderson, J.D. | Interim Dean
Administration Building 204J | (574) 520-4364 |

  • Professors | T. Anderson, B. Kern, M. Fox, Kohli, Zhuang
  • Associate Professors | Bindroo, G. Kern, Lu, Meisami, Merhi, Pant, Pathak, Valencia, Yin, 
  • Assistant Professors | Bregu, Mlotshwa, Park, Reddy, Swain, Tobey, Torkzadeh, Xu
  • Senior Lecturer | Shively
  • Lecturer | Busenbark
  • Faculty Emeriti | Bartholomew, L. Blodgett, Fred, Harriman, Herschede, Joray, Knowles, Kochanowski, M. Lee, Naffziger, Norton, Peck, Sabbaghi, D. Singh, Tawadros, Vollrath, Withey
  • Associate Dean, Undergraduate Business Programs | Pant
  • Associate Dean, Graduate Business Programs and Accreditaton | Pathak
  • Area Chairs | Bindroo, Meisami, Merhi
  • Director of the Bureau of Business and Economic Research | Zhuang
  • Director of the Center for Economic Education | Valencia
  • Director of Administrative and Student Services | Agbetsiafa
  • Academic Advisor | Gray
  • Assistant Director of Online Bachelor of Applied Science Program and Chancellor's Bachelor of Science in Business Administration | Forsythe
  • Academic Advisor| Assistant Director of Graduate Business Programs | Horter
  • Director of the Career Planning Office | Esposito
  • Associate Director of Retention | Koriath

Undergraduate Degrees Offered
  • Bachelor of Science in Business with Concentrations in

Accounting | Advertising | Finance | General Business | Health Care Management | Human Resource Management | Management | Management Information Systems | Marketing

Minors Offered for Business Majors
Minors Offered for Non-Business Majors

Graduate Degrees Offered
Graduate Business Programs

Graduate Certificate

Course Descriptions

Business (Undergraduate) BUS | Business (Graduate) BUSB | Economics ECON


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