Transfer to Other Indiana University Campuses

Each year many Indiana University students transfer from one campus of the university to another to continue their studies toward a degree. Indiana University credits transferred from one campus to another will be evaluated and accepted in terms at least as favorable as credits transferred from other accredited institutions in the United States. No review of the credits will be undertaken except in good faith terms of the same criteria used in evaluating external credits. In fact, students transferring to another campus within Indiana University are treated much more favorably because of the similarity of course work on the eight campuses.

Students who wish to transfer to another IU campus on a permanent or temporary basis should follow these two steps to trouble-free intercampus transfer:

Step One

Current students should contact the central office at their present campus. That office will help students find out if they are eligible for transfer and may suggest other resources and ways in which they can prepare, for example:

  • Meet with a home campus advisor to discuss academic preparation, grades, and other eligibility issues.
  • Consult the intercampus transfer office at the proposed new campus if academic and/or eligibility questions remain.
  • If applicable, talk to the financial aid offices at the present and proposed campuses.
  • Visit the new campus to explore possible academic and social adjustment issues. Some campuses may establish special open house events for those students who have expressed interest or require attendance at special orientation programs.

Step Two

Students who decide to proceed with the transfer should contact the receiving campus and submit their intercampus transfer request. The receiving campus will respond to students and their home campus. Those who later decide not to transfer should notify both campuses. The contact office for IU Southeast is the Office of Admissions. The online applications for requesting an Intercampus Transfer are found at http://www.iupui.edu/~moveiu/.

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