Adding/Dropping Courses

Late Withdrawal Policy

Students who have extenuating circumstances relating to extended illness or equivalent distress that prevents them from completing their classes and that cause them not to meet the deadline for withdrawing from classes may complete a Petition for Late Withdrawal (obtained from the Office of the Registrar).

  • The deadlines for filing a Petition for Late Withdrawal are March 15 for the immediately preceding fall semester, September 1 for the immediately preceding spring semester, and November 1 for the immediately preceding summer session(s). No requests for late withdrawal from terms before the immediately prior term will be accepted. Any requests after the established deadlines must be made through the Academic Bankruptcy Policy Part A process.
  • A desire to avoid a low grade is not an acceptable reason for requesting a late withdrawal.
  • Approval is not automatic and will be based on the criteria described in the policy. Students will be expected to provide appropriate documentation.
  • The executive vice chancellor for academic affairs or his/her designee will act on late withdrawal requests according to the dates, rules, and guidelines established with this policy.
  • A completed withdrawal form, if approved, will be dated and processed as of the date it was originally submitted by the student to the Office of the Registrar.

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