Adding/Dropping Courses

Auditing (Noncredit Registration)

Some students may wish to enroll in a course without working for or expecting to receive formal credit. They may enroll as special audit students. New students must be eligible for admission. The application for admission, the application fee, and appropriate academic credentials are required. Students previously enrolled or concurrently enrolled in credit courses may enroll as auditors by informing registration personnel during the registration period or before the first class meeting. Changes from audit to credit status are prohibited after the second week of classes (first week of classes in summer sessions), unless approved by the executive vice chancellor for academic affairs. Fees for audit courses are the same as for credit courses. Courses completed as audits will be entered on the student’s transcript with an ‘‘NC’’ notation for ‘‘no credit’’ in place of a grade. The NC notation recorded for an audited course may not be changed subsequently to a regular grade for credit.

Academic Bulletins

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