Adding/Dropping Courses

Late Registrations and Course Additions
During the time between the end of the first week of class and the end of all fee refund periods, students must have the written permission of the instructor and/or program coordinator to add a class. After the end of all fee refund periods, a student cannot expect to be allowed to enroll in a course for the current semester. Any exceptions to this policy would be very extraordinary, well-documented circumstances only, and will require approval by the instructor, the dean of the school offering the course, and the executive vice chancellor for academic affairs. A student should not attend a course in which he or she is not officially enrolled. Doing so can be construed as an act of academic dishonesty or as a theft of services and could be subject to appropriate disciplinary or legal sanctions. Students are encouraged to pursue the deferred payment options available through the Bursar’s office, if needed.

Academic Bulletins

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