Student Life

Student Leadership Opportunities

The Office of Campus Life offers leadership development for students serving in leadership capacities on and off campus, and for those interested in becoming leaders. Programs and other resources are designed to educate students about varying leadership philosophies, strategies, and styles and to develop the practical skills of successful leaders. Leadership development benefits the campus community by training and supporting leaders of the student organizations that greatly enrich the institution. It also prepares students to be active citizens, productive employees, and involved alumni.

Student Ambassador Program

The Student Ambassador Program is an excellent opportunity for upper-level students to assert themselves in leadership positions while providing an important service to incoming students. Student ambassadors represent the university by leading tours, participating in open house events and maintaining contact with prospective students.

Orientation Leaders Program

Orientation leaders, a.k.a. the Crimson Crew, aid new students in their transition to college.  They uphold the IU Southeast mission by exposing new students to the high-quality educational programs and services that promote student learning and prepare students for productive citizenship.  They also assist family members by introducing them to university resources and areas of support for their student.

Academic Bulletins

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