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Drug-Free Campus

University Sanctions for Violation of Drug-Free Campus

Violations of the provisions set forth in section “Possession of Unlawful Drugs or Alcohol” of the Drug-Free campus policy are considered “personal misconduct.”  The University may discipline a student for acts of personal misconduct that are not committed on University property if the acts relate to the security of the University community or the integrity of the educational process.  The Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs and Judicial Officers are authorized to impose sanctions for acts of personal misconduct.

Sanctions in each case are made only after a meeting and a determination of responsibility.  Sanctions will vary depending upon the nature and circumstances of the offense and the student’s prior record.  These standards require the usual sanction for drug dealing to be suspension or expulsion from the University.  Residence Life and Housing has a “zero tolerance policy” for illegal drug use.  Violation of that policy results in removal from student housing.

Campus disciplinary charges and criminal charges may both be filed for the same action.  Students may be subject to sanction by both the campus and by the courts for the same action.

For more complete details of sanctions and the judicial process, refer to  The IU Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct is available at the Information Desk in University Center, the Student Affairs Office in University Center 155, and can also be viewed at

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