Student Life

Drug-Free Campus

Possession of Unlawful Drugs or Alcohol

The University may discipline a student for the following acts of personal misconduct (see NOTE below):

1. Unauthorized possession, use, or supplying alcoholic beverages to others contrary to law or university policy.

Indiana University prohibits:

  • Public intoxication, use or possession of alcoholic beverages on university property (including any undergraduate residence supervised by the university, including fraternity and sorority houses) except as otherwise noted in the IU Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct, Part II, Section H (22) b and Part II, Section H (22) c.
  • Providing alcohol contrary to law.

2. Unauthorized possession, manufacture, sale, distribution, or use of illegal drugs, any controlled substance, or drug paraphernalia. Being under the influence of illegal drugs or unauthorized controlled substances.

NOTE:  Students should be advised that under Indiana Law, it is illegal for a minor which is defined as a “person less than twenty-one years of age” to possess or consume an alcoholic beverage. Further, it is illegal for a minor to transport an alcoholic beverage (even if unopened) unless “accompanied by at least one parent or guardian.”

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