Student Life

Jason L. Meriwether, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs

The vice chancellor for enrollment management & student affairs has the general responsibility for overseeing student life at Indiana University Southeast. The programs and services offered by the student affairs departments serve to complement the academic mission of IU Southeast, with a goal of helping the student develop as a whole person. A significant amount of learning occurs outside the classroom, and Student Affairs facilitates that educational and personal development through diverse co-curricular programs and services designed to challenge and support students.

IU Southeast is committed to involving students in all aspects of student life. Students serve on many policy-making committees with faculty and staff members. For example, the Student Life Committee has responsibility for recommending how to allocate the student activity fee, which supports various activities for students.

Students also serve on the following Faculty Senate and administrative committees: Academic Assessment, Academic Policies, General Education, Improvement of Learning, Library, Student Recruitment and Retention, Academic Success Steering, Campus Budgetary Advisory, Campus Facilities and Environment, and Student Technology Fee Advisory.

Academic Bulletins

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