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Bachelor of Arts in English

The English degree program will prepare graduates to demonstrate the following outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate the importance and power of reading/thinking critically and writing with clarity and purpose.
  2. Define basic concepts, terms and theories in at least two areas of English studies (creative, literature, writing and literacy).
  3. Read analyze, synthesize, evaluate, and interpret language and texts critically.
  4. Construct and write a reasoned argument integrating public/expert and personal voices. 
  5. Recognize the importance of diverse perspectives and specializations in English studies.
  6. Analyze and evaluate the impact of culture, diversity, and time on texts and ideas as well as language use and structure.
  7. Describe and discuss the interdisciplinary context of English as a field of study and its connection to other disciplines.
  8. Explain how language influences intellectual and emotional responses.

This degree program also includes two concentrations: Creative Writing, and Literature.