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Freshman Admission & Qualifications

IUPUC offers beginning freshmen enrollment as degree-seeking or visiting students. 
Degree-Seeking Students

If you wish to enter an undergraduate certificate, associate, or bachelor degree program, apply as a degree-seeking student (even if you are unsure of which degree program). As a beginning freshman, you must not have enrolled in any college, business, or vocational school after high school graduation.

For a beginning student, we will examine your high school record including courses completed, grades earned, and standardized test results. The trend in your grades and the difficulty of your courses are also important. The most important factors in our decision will be your GPA and SAT/ACT Test Score..

High School Graduates Admission Requirements Regular Admission
  • Graduated from high school or will graduate before enrolling at IUPUC.
  • Provide the results of your SAT or ACT.
  • Indiana high school graduates are expected to complete Core 40. (Academic Honors diploma is highly encouraged.)

For students who have completed Core 40 with a C average or higher in all Core 40 courses, SAT combined math and verbal (critical reading) combined scores should be 980 or higher; ACT composite should be 19 or higher.

Applicants who have earned Academic Honors diplomas will be considered fully qualified regardless of test scores; however, scores must be provided.

We recommend that all high school students complete the following: four years of English; four years of mathematics (including second year algebra), three years of social sciences; three years of laboratory science; four years of additional college preparatory courses selected from English, mathematics, social sciences, laboratory sciences, or foreign language.

Returning adult students should note that SAT or ACT scores are not required, but a high school transcript is required.

Conditional Admission

If you do not meet the above criteria, you will be considered for conditional acceptance based on other factors that will indicate your potential for success at IUPUC.

If you have significant deficiencies in either academic preparation or performance, we will defer your acceptance until you complete designated courses at Ivy Tech or another two-year college. A deferral letter outlining the courses to complete will be sent to you.

High School Equivalency and GED Admission Requirements

Students enrolling at IUPUC who have not attended college after earning a High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma or a GED are considered beginning freshmen students. The following are the admission requirements:

  • Earned the HSE or GED with a score of 53 (530 on new scale) or higher. If your GED score is below 53 (530), you may be deferred to Ivy Tech Community College. (See above section on conditional admission.)
  • If you are under 19 years of age, you must provide the results of an ACT or SAT I test.
Students Visiting in the Summer After High School

Students graduating from high school may enroll at IUPUC as a visiting student for the second summer session. As a student applying under this status, you must do the following:

  • Verify with the Admissions Office of the institution you will attend in the fall that they will accept IUPUC course credits.
  • Submit a copy of your letter of acceptance from your future institution.
  • Submit an IUPUC application online as a visiting student, preferably before the end of May.
  • Submit the application fee.

Note: According to federal regulations, visiting students are not eligible for financial aid. To apply, please complete the application online through admissions.