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Enrollment Permissions and Holds

An advisor’s approval for a student to register does not guarantee enrollment in a particular class; it only authorizes that the student is eligible for enrollment that term. Divisions may restrict enrollment in particular courses, so students should review the course descriptions in this bulletin or view course listings online through One.iu.edu to see if they meet the requirements.

For instance, some courses, such as upper-division courses in business, are open only to students officially enrolled in certain divisions. Other courses may be restricted to students with sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate student status. Finally, some courses require a student to have completed one or more courses prior to enrollment (known as “prerequisites”). Otherwise ineligible students who believe their personal preparation overrides the restrictions may seek the division’s or instructor’s permission to enter the class.

On occasion, students have a hold placed on their enrollment. When this occurs, they cannot register for courses because they have failed to meet some requirement of the university or division and cannot proceed until the problem is resolved. Problems that result in a hold include having a grade point average below the required level or failure to pay tuition or other fees.

Students with unpaid library fines, outstanding parking tickets, or with a disciplinary problem also may be placed on hold. Students can look for holds by going to their Student Center via One.iu.edu. Students with a hold can contact the office(s) listed in the details to resolve the problem. For more information about holds, students may contact the department or division involved, or the Office of Registrar Services at 812.347.7287.