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International Students

Information about how to apply, test scores, English proficiency, and deadlines can be found on the IUPUC website.  IUPUC follows the same policies and practices established by IUPUI. The IUPUI Office of International Affairs Web site at www.international.iupui.edu.

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for students hoping to enter an associate, bachelor’s, or certificate program as either a beginning or transfer student are described below. Depending upon the admission requirements of their desired programs, students will be considered either for admission to University College or for dual admission to University College and the division of their intended program. Regardless of the admission category, beginning undergraduate students and most undergraduate transfer students will have the benefit of the University College Orientation program.

Primary and Secondary Education

Beginning undergraduate applicants should have completed the primary and secondary education system of their own country. The U.S. primary and secondary education system consists of 12 years of study. IUPUC expects that applicants from other countries will have studied for a similar number of years in primary and secondary school to be eligible for university admission.

Pre-primary education is not included in this total number of years. However, applicants from countries with at least 11 standard years in the primary and secondary system may be considered if they have achieved a strong academic record and can submit the final, official school-leaving certificate.

Applicants applying from abroad are expected to have reached their 18th birthdays no later than the end of their first semester of study here.

Applicants from countries with more than 12 years of primary and secondary study may qualify for advanced standing.

Secondary school programs should have included study of a student’s native language, English or other foreign languages, mathematics, natural and/or physical science, humanities, and social sciences.

General Certificate of Secondary Education

Applicants from British-style systems must have earned at least six GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education)—or their equivalents—0-level passes, including passes in English and mathematics. GCE (General Certificate of Education) Advanced A-level results may be considered to yield credit for advanced standing where the grade earned is D or higher.

Students with 0-level certificates who do not meet the minimum age requirements are encouraged to continue their studies to earn A-level certificates prior to applying to IUPUC.