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IUPUC tuition is set annually by the Trustees of Indiana University. Current fee information is provided by the Bursar at bursar.iupuc.edu, and the rules that determine whether students are residents or nonresidents for fee-paying purposes are available under policies online as well. 

In addition to tuition, there are some special course fees for equipment, e-text books, and other mandatory supplies. All undergraduates are assessed technology and student activities fees, but new students are also charged a new student enrollment fee. The semester parking fee is optional, but you will be ticketed and fined if found parking without a permit. Various fee payment options are described at bursar.iupuc.edu. Books & miscellaneous supplies are additional costs paid separately by the student.

Students whose financial aid, including loans, have not yet arrived may qualify for automatic aid deferments through the Financial Aid Office. As long as students have anticipated aid listed on their One.iu.edu account, they only need to pay tuition and fees in excess of the amount of anticipated aid listed.  If the anticipated aid has not been credited by the second due date of the semester, it is the student’s responsibility to resolve his or her issue with the financial aid office or personally pay the balance. Students are not removed from classes for failing to pay their bills, but cannot register for next semester courses until balance is below $200. It is, therefore, critical that students check with the Bursar or monitor their accounts via One.iu.edu to determine whether they received financial aid.

If a bill remains unpaid and the student does not withdraw during the refund period, he or she is still responsible for unpaid tuition and fees regardless of attendance or grade received. If the student withdraws during a refund period, the bills will be adjusted accordingly.