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Registration Process

Registration for first-time students takes place in conjunction with orientation. In subsequent semesters, students may register themselves using One.iu.edu. Information about registration is available online and in person at the Office of Registrar Services. Students may contact their academic advisor for assistance with registration or questions regarding degree requirements.

The Enrollment Contract

When you enroll (register) for a new term (semester), a space in each class is reserved for you. The university decides how many class sections to offer and what other resources to make available based on the data provided through the enrollment process. Other students may be prevented from enrolling in a preferred class section after the last available space is reserved for you.

In exchange for the university’s commitment of resources on your behalf, you assume responsibility to pay the fees assessed for those classes (or to officially withdraw from the university if you will be unable to attend) so that those class spaces may be released in time to be available to other students.

Payment arrangements must be made by the due date indicate d in the Bursar calendar. If you change your mind and will not be attending the classes you reserved, you will still be responsible for payment of fees until you officially withdraw. Furthermore, if you are still on class rosters at the end of the term, you may receive grades of “F” for those courses.

The university provides well-defined instructions and a schedule for officially withdrawing from classes. See page 5 in this guide, or visit the Office of Registrar Services for help with this process.

Registration Reminders

It is vital that students keep both local and home addresses and phone numbers up to date with the university. In some cases, local and home addresses are identical, though some use their parents address as their home address. Students can change their addresses online through One.iu.edu. Addresses may also be changed by completing an address change form, available in the Office of Registrar Services.

All students are issued university e-mail addresses. It is the responsibility of the student to learn how to access their university e-mail and to check it frequently. Many university offices correspond with students and share announcements only through university e-mail accounts.