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Student Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

Students who complete the Communication Studies degree program will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to develop messages in ways appropriate for specific audiences
  2. Express ideas and facts effectively to others in a variety of formats, including written and oral formats
  3. Employ appropriate research techniques to analyze, interpret, and present various data effectively
  4. Assess research for accuracy, adequacy, correctness, accessibility, and usability
  5. Demonstrate the ability to critically think through analysis and evaluation of knowledge and processes in order to make informed decisions
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of a Communication specialization (i.e., Communication Studies or Rhetoric and Culture)
  7. Recognize and understand basic communication theories
  8. Select and apply theoretical concepts and principles to the interpretation of communication phenomena
  9. Recognize and overcome biases, prejudices, and limited viewpoints in order to communicate effectively
  10. Demonstrate an appreciation of the global diversity of communication and its influence on the world