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Certificate in Case Management

Upon completion of this certificate program, students will:

1. Acquire and apply basic knowledge to case management contexts.

2. Identify different groups and their culturally nuanced needs.

3. Recognize different approaches that are appropriate for specific diverse populations.

4. Demonstrate understanding of approaches to working with diverse populations in community settings.

5. Define community resources locally available.

6. Match client needs with appropriate community resources.

7. Integrate community resources into the management and improvement plan.

8. Empower clients to find, understand, and obtain resources in their community.

9. Develop, implement, and evaluate a behavior management and improvement plan for the client and family.

10. Deliver a cohesive family development plan.

11. Maintain professionally ethical behaviors.

12. Exhibit collaborative behaviors with co-workers and clients.

13. Demonstrate professionalism in personal ethics.