Preprofessional Curricula


Indiana University does not have a degree program in veterinary medicine. However, the courses needed to apply for admission to such a program are available at IU Northwest.

Candidates must complete a minimum of 70 credit hours of course work before taking the Graduate Record Exam.

Minimum requirements

  • English composition (6 cr.)
  • Speech (3 cr.)
  • General biology with laboratories (8 cr.)
  • General and organic chemistry with laboratories (16 cr.)
  • One semester of genetics
  • Two semesters of calculus
  • Physics with laboratories (8 cr.)
  • Genetics with laboratory (4 cr.)
  • Three semesters of humanities (9 cr.)
  • Electives (18 cr.)

If an animal nutrition course is not available at the undergraduate campus, a student may take this course after admission to the program.

Further information on the health professions and veterinary medicine may be obtained by contacting the health professions advisor at (219) 980-6745.

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