Preprofessional Curricula

Physical Therapy

Indiana University offers a seven-year program leading to a degree in physical therapy (four years prephysical therapy leading to a bachelor's degree with a major in any department in the College of Arts and Sciences, three years in the doctoral physical therapy program offered by Indiana University on the IUPUI campus). IU Northwest offers the courses required for entry into master's and doctoral programs in physical therapy. Upon completion of the bachelor's degree, students must apply for entry to a school of physical therapy for their professional training. Admission to a physical therapy program also requires documented volunteer or paid experiences in health care settings.

Prephysical Therapy Requirements

  • CHEM-C 105 (3 cr.)
  • CHEM-C 125 (2 cr.)
  • CHEM-C 106 (3 cr.)
  • CHEM-C 126 (2 cr.)
  • Select one of the following
    • PHYS-P 201 - P202 (10 cr.)
    • PHYS-P 221 - P222 (10 cr.)
  • Anatomy with a laboratory (4 cr.)
  • Physiology with a laboratory (4 cr.)
  • Basic statistics (3 cr.)
  • Introductory psychology (3 cr.)
  • Life span Human Development / Psychology (3 cr.)
  • Social science or humanities electives (6 cr.)

This plan of study will satisfy most of the requirements of other institutions. Applicants seeking admission to a physical therapy program should contact the school they are interested in attending for up-to-date information on specific prerequisites and admission requirements.

For further information contact the health professions advisor at (219) 980-6745.

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