Preprofessional Curricula


IU Northwest does not grant a degree in pharmacy, but students may complete prepharmacy courses on this campus. The following plan of study is for students who will apply for admission to the School of Pharmacy and Pharmacal Sciences at Purdue University, West Lafayette campus. (The information is subject to change as a result of action by federal and/ or state governments, the Trustees of Purdue University, the administration of Purdue University, and the faculty of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmacal Sciences.)

The application for admission should be submitted to Purdue University before January 5 to ensure consideration for the fall semester. Students who decide to transfer to another institution may have to adjust their program.


  • One year of general chemistry with laboratory (minimum 8 cr.)
  • One year of organic chemistry with laboratory (minimum of 8 cr.)
  • One year of calculus (minimum of 6 cr.)
  • One semester of economics (3 cr.)
  • One year of biology with laboratory (minimum of 8 cr.)
  • One semester of microbiology with laboratory (minimum of 4 cr.)
  • One year of anatomy and physiology (8 cr.)
  • One semester of physics (5 cr.)
  • Two semesters of English composition (minimum of 6 cr.)

Students who complete prepharmacy at IU Northwest can apply for admission to the School of Pharmacy at Purdue and should schedule PHPR200 (Pharmacy Orientation) after transferring. High school and college records will be considered in determining eligibility for admission. A student should also have at least a B+ average for all courses previously taken. In addition, the grade in each course must be at least a C for the credit to transfer. Grades are not transferred; only credit in the course is recorded. Purdue University does not automatically accept advanced credit that is granted by other universities. A similar program is now in place with the Chicago College of Pharmacy and its 2+3 program.

For further information on the health professions and pharmacy contact the health professions advisor at (219) 980-6745.

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