Preprofessional Curricula

The Pre-Health Professions Program is home to students who wish to pursue medicine, dentistry, veterinary, pharmacy, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, optometry, physician assistant, podiatry, chiropractic therapy, speech and hearing therapy as well as other health professions as careers. To gain admission into those professions, students typically complete a bachelor’s degree followed by considerable advanced study. At the undergraduate level, students may select and complete any major. However, students need to enroll in a specified sequence of courses to prepare them for professional school entrance examinations and to satisfy professional school prerequisite requirements. The particular sequence of courses is unique to each professional school. The Pre-Health Professions Program provides students with comprehensive advice and guidance from the time they first express an interest in a health profession (even before they matriculate at IU Northwest) through graduation and successful transition into a professional school). The program helps ensure that the students’ education is of the highest quality, and helps them identify the medical and health careers that fit their aspirations, helps them develop a tailored sequence of courses that will help them reach their goals, and helps them prepare applications that present them at their best.

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