Preprofessional Curricula


Indiana University does not have a degree program in podiatry. However, the courses needed for admission are available at IU Northwest. The minimum requirement for admission to a school of podiatry is completion of three academic years (90 credit hours) of study at an accredited college or university. Applicants are strongly encouraged to obtain a baccalaureate degree before entering a college of podiatry. The undergraduate curriculum should include these courses:

  • Biology (8 cr.) (Recommendation that 4 of those credits be either cell biology or biochemistry)
  • Inorganic chemistry (8 cr.)
  • Organic chemistry (8 cr.)
  • Physics (8 cr.)
  • English composition and literature (6 cr.)

Science courses must include laboratories.

Further information on the health professions and podiatry may be obtained by contacting the health professions advisor at (219) 980-6745.

Academic Bulletins

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