Preprofessional Curricula


Students may be admitted to the School of Dentistry upon receipt of their baccalaureate degrees or at the end of three years in the College of Arts and Sciences.

A student entering the School of Dentistry after completing 90 credit hours in the College of Arts and Sciences, exclusive of military training and physical education, who has satisfied the Group I through V requirements, may apply 32 credit hours earned the first year in dentistry as electives and at the end of this year earn the B.A. degree. Students expecting to do this should consult with their major departments since IU Northwest awards the B.A. degree.

Predental Requirements

  • BIOL-L 101 (4 cr.)
  • BIOL-L 102 (4 cr.)
  • CHEM-C 105/C125 (5 cr.)
  • CHEM-C 106/C126 (5 cr.)
  • CHEM-C 341 (3 cr.)
  • CHEM-C 343 (3 cr.)
  • ENG-W 131 (3 cr.)
  • Select one of the following
    • PHYS-P 201 - P202 (10 cr.)
    • PHYS-P 221 - P222 (10 cr.)
  • Psychology (3-4 cr.)
  • Interpersonal communication (3 cr.)
  • Biochemistry (3 cr.)
  • Anatomy with a laboratory (4 cr.)
  • Physiology with a laboratory (4 cr.)

For further information regarding programs, the Dental Aptitude Test, and applications, contact the health professions advisor at (219) 980-6745.

Academic Bulletins

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