Kelley Undergraduate Program


The Undergraduate Program of the Kelley School of Business requires a breadth of education and also provides opportunities for specialization. It ensures the development of a basic understanding of the principles, practices, and trends involved in the management of business organizations in the dynamic economic, social, and political environment of the world today. As highlights of the program, all business majors complete a challenging set of sophomore courses called the Global Foundations Core and a rigorous semester of junior-level courses in the areas of marketing, operations, finance, and leadership known collectively as the Integrative Core or I-Core. In addition to the basic requirements, students choose from a wide variety of business majors.

The study of business is complemented by the study of courses outside the business school. As a member of the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business, the school subscribes to the principle that a significant portion of a student’s academic program should be in general education subjects. The application of this principle promotes a balanced program of study.

Throughout their undergraduate careers, Kelley students take courses and participate in experiences that afford them the opportunity to learn and practice –

  • An Integrative Point of View
  • Ethical Reasoning
  • Critical Thinking and Decision Making in Business
  • Communication and Leadership
  • Quantitative Analysis and Modeling
  • Team Membership and Inclusiveness
  • Cultural Awareness and Global Effectiveness

Graduates of the Kelley School acquire an education that will serve them throughout their lives and careers. 

Academic Bulletins

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