Academic Policies & Procedures


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Grading System: GPA, Extended-X Policy, pass/fail option, withdrawals, and complete withdrawals from all subjects for multiple terms

Scholastic Standards: Academic misconduct, academic standing, honor code, minimum grade requirements, probation and dismissal policies

Computer Recommendations: Technology recommendations in order to be successful in certain BUS courses 

Graduation Eligibility: Complete transcripts, graduation checks, graduation applications, attendance at commencement, and statute of limitations for degree requirements

Academic Regulations: Class standing, credit hour term load, internships, SPH activity courses, 0-level MUS courses, pre-reqs for BUS courses, repeat course credit and major/minor limits

Transfer Credits & Waivers: Credits transferred to IU from U.S. and non-U.S. colleges and/or universities, specific course waivers, and credit by self-acquired competency

Academic Bulletins

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