Instructional Systems Technology (R)

  • EDUC–R 311 Introduction to Instructional Technology (3 cr.) B Offers an introduction to the field and profession of instructional technology. It includes the historical and accepted views of the field as well as direction in applying instructional design processes toward the student’s primary field of study.
  • EDUC–R 341 Multimedia in Instructional Technology (3 cr.) B Focuses on the development of skills using the latest multimedia tools for instructional technology. Significant attention is made to interface design, message design, and appropriate matching of media tools with specific goals and contexts.
  • EDUC–R 347 Impact of Games and Simulations in Instruction (3 cr.) B Examines the potential of gaming, simulations, and virtual environments for the purpose of instruction. It also addresses their social, cognitive, and affective impact on users. Taxonomies, goals, production roles, and techniques are examined in detail.
  • EDUC–R 441 Development and Management in Instructional Technology (3 cr.) B Focuses on the role of the instructional technology manager/consultant by observing ongoing projects in a wide variety of contexts and examining management strategies. Students will generate reports and technology prototypes from these observations to satisfy stated goals.
  • EDUC–R 481 Specialized Project in Instructional Technology (3 cr.) B A capstone course that focuses on an individual or group project. The goal is to bring closure to the knowledge and skills addressed in the cognate course sequence. The project development is to be instructional technology focused with content and context in the student’s major.

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