Language Education (L)

  • EDUC–L 400 Instructional Issues in Language Education (3 cr.) B Reviews the principles and current instructional issues related to learning a first or a second language. Besides the general issues of effects of the environment, developmental stages, and basic instructional methodologies, relationships among reading education, English education, and second language education will be explored.
  • EDUC–L 407 Instructional Issues in Language Learning for English Teachers (3 cr.) Study of growth in language as a developmental process and how social, cultural, and economic environments are intrinsic parts of language learning. Explores the close relationship between how home language, dialect, and a second language is developed. Addresses how speaking, listening, writing, reading, and observing are interrelated.
  • EDUC–L 408 Teaching Young Adult Literature in a Diverse Society (3 cr.) Explores the possibilities of reading literature written for, by, and about young adults in the middle and secondary classroom. We will work on engaging diverse young adults so that they become lifelong readers and responsible citizens, creating curricula and instructional activities that enable students to read the word and the world, and connecting with struggling readers while challenging proficient readers.
  • EDUC–L 441 Bilingual Education: Introduction (3 cr.) B-I Introduction to the development of bilingual/bicultural education in the United States—its antecedents, rationale, theories. Comparison of existing bilingual/bicultural programs.
  • EDUC–L 442 Teaching English Language Learners: Bilingual and English as a New Language (3 cr.) B Introduces undergraduate student to the theory-based instructional methods and activities that are used in bilingual and English as a New Language education programs. In addition, they are introduced to second language development, theoretical applications, and the sociocultural issues involved in teaching language minority students.
  • EDUC–L 490 Research in Language Education (1–3 cr.) B-I Individual research in applied linguistics.
  • EDUC–L 491 Alternative Assessment Applications in Language Education (3 cr.) B This course introduces students to classroom applications of the interdisciplinary theoretical tenets that underlie alternative assessment practices. Students will use this knowledge in the ongoing assessment of students’ content and literacy development in language education, particularly bilingual and ENL programs.

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