Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (H)

  • EDUC–H 340 Education and American Culture (3 cr.) B-I The present educational system, its social impact, and future implications viewed in historical, philosophical, and sociological perspective.
  • EDUC–H 341 American Culture and Education (1–4 cr.) B-I An opportunity to participate in a cooperative learning venture as students investigate the sociological, psychological, historical, and philosophical foundations of American education, relating findings, observations, and experiences at Professional Development School sites with current practices and the future of education.
  • EDUC–H 380 Latino Education across the Americas (3 cr.) B An overview of important patterns and issues in Latino education. Includes study of major Latin American educational trends and traditions. Focus on the cultural contexts of Latino education, challenges faced by Latinos in contemporary U.S. schools, and strategies for improving Latino educational achievement.
  • EDUC–H 427 Education through Travel (2–6 cr.) B Provides an opportunity to visit historical and cultural areas in foreign countries.
  • EDUC–H 440 Capstone Seminar in American Elementary Education (3 cr.) I Serves as a capstone seminar in foundations for senior elementary education students. It covers essential content knowledge, theory, and themes in educational history, sociology, and philosophy. It also addresses key issues for understanding the professional world of teachers. It is linked to extensive field experience including student teaching.

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