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Speech and Hearing Sciences

Interdepartmental Major in Speech and Hearing Sciences and Psychology
Required Courses

Students must take a minimum of 40 credit hours. At least 12 credit hours must be completed at or above the 300 level in psychology, and at least 12 credit hours must be completed at or above the 300 level in speech and hearing sciences.

Students must also complete the degree requirements for the B.A. in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Speech and Hearing Sciences

  1. S111
  2. S275, S333
  3. S201 or S375
  4. At least three courses from S307, S420, S436, S444, S445, S473, S475, S478


1. One of the following entry-level sequences:

  • P155, P199, and P211 or
  • P101, P102, P199, and P211 or SPHS-S 311

(Note: P299 may be substituted for P199 in any of the sequences above.)

2. PSY K300 or K310 or a substitute approved by the undergraduate advisor.

3. Three credit hours from P303, P325, P326, P327, P329, P330, P335, P337, P346, P349, P350, P357 (depending on topic), P402 (depending on topic), P405, P407, P410, P411, P413, P416, P417, P423, P437, P438, P444, P459, P461.

4. Three credit hours from P304, P315, P316, P319, P320, P323, P324, P336, P357 (depending on topic), P375, P402 (depending on topic), P425, P430, P434, P442, P446, P447, P448.

5. Advanced laboratory: one from P421, P424, P426, P429, P435, P436, P493, P494, P495, or P499. (Another 400-level course may be substituted for this requirement by permission of the undergraduate advisor.)

6. One additional course in psychology numbered 300 or above.

Other Requirements

The following courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C–:

  1. Mathematics M118, M119, or M120, or a 200-level mathematics course or the equivalent.
  2. A one-semester course in biology.
  3. Linguistics L103 or L203.