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Germanic Studies

Certificate in Dutch Studies

Required Courses

Students must complete 27 credit hours in Dutch language and culture courses, including

  1. 15 credit hours in core Dutch language courses such as GER-N200*, N250, N300, N330 and N400.
  2. GER-E 341 Dutch Culture: The Modern Netherlands (3 cr.) and GER-E 342 The Golden Age of Dutch Culture (3 cr.)
  3. at least 6 credit hours from a choice of courses with Dutch culture content, approved by the Director. Some options are
    • FINA-A 333 From Van Eyck to Vermeer
    • FINA-A 437 Playing with Pictures in the Fifteenth-Century Netherlands
    • GER-E 343 Topics in Dutch Literature
    • POLS-Y 335 Western European Politics
  4. at least 9 credit hours of course work at the 300-level or above.
  5. at least 9 credit hours on the Bloomington campus.

*Note: 100-level language courses do not count toward the certificate.