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Communication and Culture

Departmental Honors Program

The honors program in the Department of Communication and Culture is designed to encourage outstanding students to undertake research and creative projects, to work closely with departmental faculty in directed readings and research, and to participate in courses reserved for honors students.

Students majoring in Communication and Culture may be invited into the honors program during their junior year. Those considered for the honors program may be nominated by a member of the faculty, or they may nominate themselves. To be considered for the honors program, students must:

  1. be of junior standing or have completed at least 15 credit hours in the Department of Communication and Culture, and
  2. have maintained an overall GPA of at least 3.300 and a GPA of at least 3.500 in the major.

The director of undergraduate studies will notify those students who have been accepted into the program. Honors students are encouraged to take honors courses offered through the department as well as through Indiana University's Hutton Honors College.

To graduate with honors in Communication and Culture, students who are accepted into the honors program must take:

  1. C399 Reading for Honors (3 credits; 6 credits max.), and
  2. C499 Senior Honors Thesis (3–6 credits).

In pursuing readings in C399 and in completing the honors thesis in C499, students will work individually with a member of the faculty.

Students must fulfill all of the requirements for a major in the department. No more than 3 credit hours in C399 and in C499 (6 credit hours total) can be counted toward the 30 credit hour major requirement. Students completing the thesis may be invited to present their project in the context of a conference, colloquium, or symposium.