Entering the College

Most incoming students admitted to Indiana University first enter the University Division. With the exception of those individuals who are admitted directly into the College (see Direct Admission), students who wish to enter into the College must:

  • complete 26 credit hours of course work that can count toward a degree in the College;
  • maintain a minimum cumulative College grade point average of 2.000;
  • satisfy the English Composition Requirement.

IU students at other schools on the Bloomington campus who wish to enter the College must fulfill the same entry requirements as University Division students.

When students in the University Division have satisfied the College entry requirements, they will be certified to the College department that offers the major that they have chosen to pursue (and that is listed on their record). To declare or change a major, students in University Division should see their University Division advisor or go to the University Division Records Office, Maxwell Hall 030. Students are encouraged, early on in their time in University Division, to make an appointment with the advisor of any departments that offer majors that students think they may want to pursue.

It is important to note that, even when they are still in University Division, students can begin to satisfy College degree requirements.