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Spanish and Portuguese

Major in Portuguese
Required Courses

Students must complete the following:

  1. 25 credit hours in courses beyond P100-P150.
  2. 12 credit hours of the 25 will be in 400-level literature courses, including 6 credit hours in literature. The 12 credit hours must include at least one 3 credit hour course taken on the Bloomington campus. Note: 400-level literature courses are P400, P401, P405, P415, P470, P475, P476, P494, P495.

Native speakers of Portuguese are expected to complete the major with course work at the 300 and 400 level.

Students must complete the degree requirements for the B.A. degree in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Required Minor

Portuguese majors must complete a minor of at least 15 credit hours of course work. Students may not use any courses from their Portuguese major to satisfy this minor requirement. A minor field of study may be selected from another department of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Kelley School of Business, or the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. Students should consult with a faculty advisor in the minor field of study, and students choosing a minor field outside the College should review policies on outside credit hours (see Courses Outside the College of Arts and Sciences).

If a department offers a minor approved by the College, Portuguese majors must follow the specified requirements and be approved by the department. If majors choose a field that does not specify a minor, the requirement includes at least 15 credit hours in a single department with at least 9 credit hours at the 300 level or above.

Foreign language course work at the 100 level does not count toward the minor. The minor requirement is waived for students who complete a double major.