Degree Requirements

Courses Outside the College

A candidate for a Bachelor’s degree in the College of Arts and Sciences must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 100 credit hours in courses offered by the College. Students may select the remaining 22 credit hours from courses in the College of Arts and Sciences and/or from courses outside the College. (Please note that both Jacobs School of Music courses as well as School of Informatics and Computing courses in Computer Science that are listed in the College’s Breadth of Inquiry chart (please see “Appendix II”) may be counted among the 100 credit hours inside the College of Arts and Sciences.)

Students satisfying requirements for a teaching certificate may take a maximum of 29 credit hours outside of the College if the courses selected are required for teaching certification. Students planning teacher certification may need to complete more than 122 credit hours and should confer with their major advisor and with an advisor from the School of Education early in their academic careers. Students should also consult the School of Education Undergraduate Academic Bulletin.

The College does not accept certain types of credit, including engineering, technology, or self-acquired competency credits.