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Certificate Programs


The student must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university to apply. For the Certificate in Hazardous Materials Management, applicants must have completed one year of general chemistry. For the Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship, applicants must be enrolled in the M.P.A. program in O'Neill or the M.B.A. program in the Kelley School of Business.


Application Fee

Students must pay a nonrefundable application fee.

Program Restrictions
  • O’Neill graduate certificate programs require 15 credit hours of approved O’Neill coursework with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (B).
  • Course substitutions and course waivers are generally not accepted in certificate programs. However, students may petition the Faculty Program Director for an exception to these policies on the basis of extenuating circumstances.
  • The O’Neill School does not allow concurrent admission to an O’Neill graduate degree and an O’Neill graduate certificate that have significant overlap (e.g. MPA degree and Nonprofit Management certificate; MAAA degree and Rural Arts Admin certificate). However, students seeking a degree in Environmental Science are eligible to pursue the Hazardous Materials Management Certificate. When pursuing an O’Neill degree and certificate simultaneously, credits may be shared between the degree and certificate when applicable.
  • Students who have made progress toward an O’Neill graduate degree but are unable to complete the program are eligible to use their O’Neill graduate credits toward an O’Neill graduate certificate program.
  • Students who have previously completed an O’Neill graduate degree are eligible for admission to an O’Neill graduate certificate as long as the certificate program does not match the student’s concentration or focus area in the O’Neill graduate degree. Students who pursue this option may double-count 9 credits of O’Neill graduate coursework between their conferred O’Neill graduate degree and their O’Neill graduate certificate.
  • All credits from a conferred O’Neill graduate certificate can count towards an O’Neill graduate degree.
  • Students wishing to pursue the Social Entrepreneurship Certificate must first be admitted to the MPA program. All other O’Neill certificates are stand-alone certificates that do not require admission to a degree program.
  • Admission to or successful completion of a certificate program does not guarantee subsequent admission to a O'Neill graduate degree program.
  • Students enrolled in the certificate program who apply to O'Neill's graduate degree programs must meet all existing admission requirements.
  • Students planning to request admission to a O'Neill graduate degree program after successfully completing a certificate program should refer to the application procedure presented earlier in this bulletin.
  • With the exception of the Hazardous Materials Management certificate, students admitted to an O’Neill graduate certificate who wish to continue into an O’Neill graduate degree while also still pursuing the certificate must wait to apply to the degree program until they have completed 9 credit hours of coursework toward the certificate. If successfully admitted to the degree program before 9 credits have been completed, O’Neill will discontinue the certificate record, leaving the degree as the only credential the student will earn.

Seven graduate certificates are offered on the Bloomington campus. Certificate programs are flexible and adaptable to the needs of either precareer or in-service students.

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