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International Studies (INTL)
  • INTL-I 100 Intro to International Studies (3 cr.) This introductory, interdisciplinary course exposes students to the various academic approaches essential to international studies and to the various concentrations that comprise the major.
  • INTL-I 104 Colloquium in International Studies (0 cr.) A series of events for all department members to connect and network with people, ideas, issues, and events. There will be on- and off-campus activities to engage with international topics to build knowledge and community. Repeatable up to six times.
  • INTL-I 199 Careers for International Studies Majors (1 cr.) The major objective of the course is to offer students the opportunity to consider career opportunities with an undergraduate degree in International Studies.  Some of the topics to be considered in the course include the nature and acquisition of skills with an international studies major; the resources within the international studies department, offices across campus, and in the community available to students to gain stills and learn about job prospects; and the value of and procedures for developing a career plan and attaining a job.
  • INTL-I 400 International Studies Capstone Seminar (3 cr.) P: INTL-I 100 and most of INTL cousework completed, as well as senior standing and permission of instructor or program coordinator. This required seminar is designed for senior majors who have completed all of the International Studies degree requirements to consolidate their studies. Students complete a project that addresses an issue appropriate to their concentration.

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