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Communication (COMM)
  • COMM-I 102 Introduction to Strategic Communication (3 cr.) This course provides an overview of the strategic communication field and focuses on how organizations, companies and brands utilize communication strategically and creatively.
  • COMM-I 202 International and Cross-Cultural Advertising (3 cr.) This course focuses on the present and the future of global media and international advertising: understanding worldwide markets and strategic communication
  • COMM-I 311 Copywriting in Advertising (3 cr.) P:  Sophomore standing and ENG-W 131 and COMM-I 102. This course explores message construction for advertising campaigns, including print, out-of-home, television, radio and digital platforms.
  • COMM-I 315 Advertising and Consumer Culture (3 cr.) Critical examination of advertising's role in modern societies. Focuses on marketing and consumption as central activities in shaping personal identity and social relations.
  • COMM-I 324 Persuasion in Strategic Communication (3 cr.) This course examines motivational appeals in influencing attitude and behavior inherent to advertising, public relations and related fields; both theoretical and practical aspects are explored.
  • COMM-I 334 Public Relations in Strategic Communication (3 cr.) This course examines public relations as a support function to complement and enhance advertising strategies and creative campaigns.
  • COMM-I 337 Digital Advertising Strategies (3 cr.) This course introduces the elements of digital platforms, including search, social media, and mobile, as well as how to integrate them into a promotional strategy.
  • COMM-I 345 Advertising Media Planning (3 cr.) This course examines the creative and strategic use of media vehicles to deliver advertising messages to the target audience through the most appropriate, timely and cost-efficient communication channel.
  • COMM-I 347 Strategic Communication Campaigns (3 cr.) P: COMM-I 102 and Junior standing or consent of instructor. Theory and practice of designing, implementing, and evaluating promotional materials and marketing campaigns for television programs, radio formats, call service, the Web and the new media.
  • COMM-I 424 Strategic Communication Research Methods (3 cr.) This course introduces the empirical methods, including primary and secondary research, inherent to the strategic communication field; an original research project is developed.
  • COMM-I 440 Advertising Strategies (3 cr.) This course provides analysis and evaluation of the planning, creative, and placement components of advertising campaigns utilizing different types of media; development of original advertising campaigns.
  • COMM-I 441 Advanced Integrated Strategic Communication Planning (3 cr.) Analysis, development and evaluation of planning, creative, and placement components of integrated strategic communication executions. Offers advanced insights into the planning process and an extended opportunity to integrate and apply the principles acquired
  • COMM-S 121 Public Speaking (3 cr.) This course focuses on the theory and practice of public speaking, training in thought processes necessary to organize speech content, analysis of components of effective delivery and language.
  • COMM-S 122 Interpersonal Communication (3 cr.) This course increases understanding of oneself, the many roles one plays in the communication process, and the interpersonal relationships of individuals in society. Course includes nonverbal communication, the role of language in structuring interpersonal situations, and the importance of dialogue in resolving interpersonal conflicts.
  • COMM-S 205 Introduction to Performance Studies (3 cr.) P: COMM-S 121 or THTR-T 120 and sophomore standing; or consent of instructor. This course will serve two purposes. First, operating on the theory that literature is best understood and appreciated when performed, this course is designed to give students experience performing and analyzing literature. In addition, this course will introduce the many ways we experience performance in our everyday lives.
  • COMM-S 210 Survey of Communication Studies (1 cr.) This course surveys the foundational principles, theories, and practice of the major areas of the communication studies discipline.
  • COMM-S 223 Business and Professional Communication (3 cr.) P: COMM-S 121 and Sophomore standing or consent of instructor. This course focuses on analyzing and applying communication principles and practices that facilitate effective participation in workplaces.
  • COMM-S 228 Argumentation and Debate (3 cr.) P: COMM-S 121 and Sophomore standing or consent of instructor. This course explores the roles of reasoning and evidence in the formation of claims and arguments; students will learn the various formats for debates and will participate in debates.
  • COMM-S 229 Group and Team Communication (3 cr.) P: COMM-S 121 with C or better and Sophomore standing. This course introduces the basics of group and team communication. Students learn about the dynamics of group interaction, emphasizing leadership, decision making, and group preparation. Students will be exposed to a variety of group types, including standing committees, ad hoc groups, task forces, special interest groups, and administrative groups.
  • COMM-S 247 RESEARCH WRITING IN COMMUNICATION STUDIES (3 cr.) P:  ENG-W131, SPCH-S 121, SPCH-S 122 with C or better. Minimum GPA OF 2.3 and 30 credit hours. This course provides instruction and practice in intermediate skills of written communication.
  • COMM-S 306 LEADERSHIP (3 cr.) This course is designed to familiarize students with the role of effective leadership within a business environment; students will explore and distinguish between the various styles of leadership and their demand in today's global market.
  • COMM-S 307 Crisis Management (3 cr.) This course is designed to introduce students to the various concepts, theories, and principles of effective crisis management; the course explores both national and international corporate crises in regard to crisis prevention, crisis readiness, and crisis resolution.
  • COMM-S 321 Organizational Conflict Resolution (3 cr.) This course examines conflict and covers the various communication tools and theories used to manage conflict, issues of conflict framing, positive versus negative conflict, and the ethical implications of dealing with conflict in organizational settings.
  • COMM-S 324 Persuasion (3 cr.) This course examines motivational appeals in influencing behavior, psychological factors in speaker-audience relationship, and contemporary examples of persuasion. Practice in persuasive speaking.
  • COMM-S 326 Voice and Diction (3 cr.) This course provides understanding of the anatomy and functions of the vocal mechanism and development of a pleasing voice quality, correct articulation, distinct enunciation, and diction free from substandard pronunciation.
  • COMM-S 327 Interviewing Principles and Practices (3 cr.) P: Sophomore standing. Study and practice of methods used in business and industrial interviews, emphasizing the logical and psychological bases for the exchange of information and attitudes.
  • COMM-S 336 Current Topics in Communication (3 cr.)
  • COMM-S 353 Advanced Public Speaking (3 cr.) This course informs on the development of a marked degree of skill preparation and delivery of various types of speeches, with emphasis on depth of research, clarity of organization, application of proof, adaptation to audience, and felicitous style.
  • COMM-S 392 Health Communication (3 cr.) P: COMM-S 121, COMM-S 122 and Sophomore standing. This course is an introduction to health communication. Topics covered will include the history of health communication, identifying roles of patients and caregivers, exploring social and cultural issues that affect health communication, identifying health care resources, exploring media's role in health communication, analyzing health data and designing health interventions.
  • COMM-S 398 Independent Study in Communication (1-3 cr.) Independent study or practicum experience. Projects must be approved by faculty member before enrolling.
  • COMM-S 400 Senior Seminar (2-3 cr.) This course reviews principles and theories of communication studies and prepares students for post-college success.
  • COMM-S 405 Communication Theory (3 cr.) This course provides a survey of contemporary theories of human communication with emphasis on the nature of theory construction and contributions of allied disciplines to communication theory.
  • COMM-S 424 Research Methods in Communication Studies (3 cr.) This course focuses on the objective appraisal of behavioral data in the study of speech communication. Introduces the theoretical foundation of empirical social science and offers guidelines for conducting descriptive and experimental studies.
  • COMM-S 427 Intercultural Communication (3 cr.) This course is a survey study of national, cultural, and cross cultural persuasion in theory and practice.
  • COMM-S 440 Organizational Communication (3 cr.) This course provides an examination of internal and external communication in business and other professional organizations, with emphasis upon theory, techniques, practices, goals, and the social environment in which such communication exists.
  • COMM-S 450 Gender and Communication (3 cr.) This course examines the extent to which biological sex and gender role orientation stereotypes influence the process of communication. It focuses on gender differences in verbal and nonverbal behavior, development of sex roles, and gender stereotypes , and analyzes how the media present, influence, and reinforce those stereotypes.

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