Social Sciences

Anthropology (ANTH)
  • ANTH-A 103 Human Origins and Prehistory (3 cr.) Man, his biological evolution, and his archaeological history through Stone and Metal Ages.
  • ANTH-A 105 Human Origins and Prehistory (3 cr.) Human biological evolution and prehistory from the earliest archaeological record through the rise of civilization. Credit given for only one of the following: ANTH-A 102, ANTH-A 105, or ANTH-A 303.
  • ANTH-A 303 Evolution and Prehistory (3 cr.) Introductory course for more advanced students.  Man's place in nature, emergence of man and contemporary races, development of culture from Paleolithic onward, problems arising from interaction of biological and cultural phenomena.
  • ANTH-A 400 UNDERGRADUATE SEMINAR IN ANTH (3 cr.) Seminar in various anthropology topics that are not covered by other anthropology courses, excluding ethnography and ethnology.
  • ANTH-E 105 Culture and Society (3 cr.) Introduction to the ethnographic and comparative study of contemporary and historical human society and culture. Credit given for only one of the following: ANTH-A 104, ANTH-A 304, ANTH-E 105, or ANTH-E 303.
  • ANTH-E 310 INTRO TO CULTURES OF AFRICA (3 cr.) Ethnographic survey of culture areas south of the Sahara.
  • ANTH-E 320 Indians of North America (3 cr.) P: ANTH-A 104. Ethnographic survey of cultural areas from the Artic to Panama, plus cross-cultural analysis of interrelations of culture, geographical environment, and language families.
  • ANTH-E 330 INDIANS OF SOUTH AMERICA (3 cr.) The cultural development and contemporary life of aboriginal societies in the tropical and marginal areas of the continent. Ethnic relationships and characteristics of major cultural groups are examined through detailed study of representative tribal units.
  • ANTH-E 335 ANCIENT CIVIL OF MESOAMERICA (3 cr.) Historical ethnography of the major pre-Columbian civilizations including the Olmec, Mayan and Aztec. Emphasis on the social life, cultural achievements, religion, worldview and political systems to illustrate the diversity and richness of Amerindian life before the Spanish conquest.
  • ANTH-P 200 Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology (3 cr.) Introduction to archaeology and world prehistory. Concentrates on the history, methods, and theory of American anthropoloigical archaeology and is designed to answer some of the basic questions that many people have about world prehistory.
  • ANTH-P 361 Prehistory of the Midwestern U.S. (3 cr.) Survey of the prehistory of midcontinental North America, beginning with humans' entry into the New World and concluding with the European invasion. Covering the major cultural periods defined for Eastern Woodlands prehistory--Paleo-Indian, Archaic, Woodland, and Mississipian--as well as the sociocultural attributes by which each is defined.

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