Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences (NATS)
  • NATS-R 300 Research in the Sciences (1-3 cr.) P: Department consent. This course allows students who want to participate in research to do so; and allows students who received research fellowships to finish their work when the fellowship runs out. May be repeated twice for credit up to 3 credit hours.
  • NATS-S  100 Introduction to Pre-Professional Science Studies (1 cr.) This course is designed for students planning to pursue admission into professional science programs (medical, dental, pharmacy, veterinary, etc.).
  • NATS-S  200 Career Advising: Science Careers (1 cr.) P: For Natural Science Majors only. This course is designed for students pursuing a Science degree at Indiana University Southeast who are not currently working in a professional position.
  • NATS-S  350 Seminar in Pre-Professional Science Studies (1 cr.) P: NAT-S 100 Standardized test strategies and the science based professional school application process.

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