Natural Sciences

Sustainability (SUST)
  • SUST-S 211 Sustainability and Regeneration: The Essentials (3 cr.) This course introduces students to the essentials of the field of sustainability and regeneration.
  • SUST-S 361 Sustainability Abroad (1-6 cr.) Topics announced in Schedule of Classes.  An analysis of how sustainability is being incorporated into societies and cultures around the world.  Can be conducted in the field or on campus. Repeatable up to 12 units.
  • SUST-S 415 Research in Sustainability and Regeneration (1-6 cr.) Research course that reviews and applies research methods used in sustainability and regeneration.  Analyzed problems using principles of field.  Requires application of research methods to problems in field including collecting, analyzed and critiquing data.   Includes development of a research brief, research proposal/funding proposal, a technical report and a recommended solutions list. Repeatable up to 6 units.
  • SUST-S 491 Internship in Sustainability (3 cr.) Involves placement in a business, not-for-profit agency or governmental unit to give student hands on experience working with sustainability in a practical setting.
  • SUST-S 410 Readings in Sustainability and Regeneration (3 cr.) This course is perceived as a capstone course in which students will engage in critical thinking and analysis of selected issues and problems within a disciplinary format. This course is designed to prepare students for research at the graduate-level.

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