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Modern Languages - German (Bachelor of Arts)

Students in every field benefit from proficiency in a modern language, because it develops critical-thinking skills and understanding of their own first language. Another language broadens appreciation for one’s culture and that of others. It prepares one for active citizenship in an increasingly multicultural and multilingual world. In a highly competitive world, with an ever more intricate global economy, proficiency in at least one additional language represents an invaluable asset. It opens wide opportunities for careers in business, law, government, communication, medicine, and many other fields. We recommend a major in a modern language or a double major including a modern language, to all students pursuing a bachelor’s degree on this campus. In addition, all language majors at IU Southeast are encouraged to minor in one of the other modern languages offered.

Mission/Vision Statement

The Department of Modern Languages at IU Southeast believes that the study of a language should enable the student to participate in written and oral communication in the foreign language. Through language study, students gain knowledge and understanding of the cultures of the world, connect with other disciplines and acquire information that may be unavailable to the monolingual English speaker, develop insight into the nature of language and culture, become more aware of the inner workings and richness of their first language, and participate in communities at home and abroad. The Spanish, French, and German undergraduate programs are designed for those who desire a greater understanding of the world through the study of language, contemporary culture, history, literature, music, and film. Specifically, Spanish, French, and German majors receive excellent professional preparation for a career as language teachers (note that there are additional requirements for teacher certification) and for entry into an advanced degree program. To expand employment options, students are encouraged to combine a language degree with a major in one or more additional fields.

Student Learning Goals

  • Students will demonstrate ability to communicate orally in the target language.
  • Students will demonstrate ability to understand spoken German.
  • Students will demonstrate ability to write accurately, convincingly, and in a logical, organized fashion in the target language.
  • Students will demonstrate an ability to read, understand, and analyze texts written in the target language.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of literature, history, and contemporary culture of the German-speaking worlds.

Department Policies

Student candidates for the Bachelor of Arts in a modern language must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours above the 100-level, some of which may be taken overseas (see the “Overseas Study” section of this Bulletin) or through other local colleges and universities in the area with whom IU Southeast has entered into consortium agreements.  Additionally, only one online course completed at an institution other than IU Southeast can be used towards fulfillment of the major requirements.

Degree  Requirements

See “General Requirements for Undergraduate Degrees at IU Southeast” and “General Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree.”

Major Specific Requirements


Course Number


Credit Hours

Minimum Grade



Intermediate German




Intermediate German II


Two Advanced Language courses




Deutsch: Mittelstufe I




Deutsch: Mittelstufe II




Composition and Conversation




German Language and Society Past and Present




Introduction to Practical Translation I




Introduction to Practical Translation II


One course in literature




Introduction to German Literature: Types




Introduction to German Literature: Themes


One course in culture studies




Introduction to Contemporary Germany




Introduction to German Cultural History


Four 400-level courses in language, literature or culture



International Engagement Capstone Experience

In addition to required coursework, students who earn a BA in French, German, or Spanish are required to complete study abroad or an international engagement activity. The international engagement activity being reserved for those majors with a demonstrated inability to study abroad. Study in approved study abroad programs will be applied to fulfilment of other requirements in the major. Students should speak with a modern languages faculty member for more deatils.  

Second Language Competency Certificate

 The Second Language Competency Certificate creates a focused program of study that enables students to achieve a useful level of competency in French, German, or Spanish and provides documentation of their language skills.  Students completing the certificate should be able to do the following: 

  • converse in target language on a variety of subjects and be understood by native speakers,
  • comprehend authentic prose, fiction, and articles in the target language and apply critical thinking skills to readings,
  • write essays in the target language with complex sentences on various topics, and
  • possess an awareness of cultural values and beliefs of the world regions where the target language is spoken.

The courses required for the Second Language Competency Certificate fulfull the language requirement for most Bachelor's degrees at IU Southeast.


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