School of Social Sciences

Interdiscplinary Studies

The Master of Interdisciplinary Studies program provides a fully accredited master's degree in interdisciplinary studies that includes foundational coursework, electives, and a graduate thesis project.

Concentrations Offered
  • Applied Behavior Sciences
  • Applied Science and Instruction
  • Digital Media
  • Gender Studies
  • Health Humanities
  • Individualized
  • International Studies
  • Organizational Leadership and Communication
  • Post-Secondary Instruction

Degree Requirements (34 cr.)

  • Interdiscisciplinary Core (13 cr.)
  • Graduate Project (6 cr.)
  • Concentration (15 cr.)
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required.
  • All courses are 3 credit hours, unless otherwise noted.

Interdisciplinary Core (13 cr.)

  • IDIS-D 510 Intro to Interdisciplinary Studies (4 cr.)
  • IDIS-D 501 Humanities Seminar
  • IDIS-D 502 Social Sciences Seminar
  • IDIS-D 503 Science Seminar

Graduate Project (6 cr.)

  • IDIS-D 601 Graduate Project Proposal Seminar
  • IDIS-D 602 Graduate Project

Select One Concentration (15 cr.)

Applied Behaviroal Sciences

  • PSY-P 505 Organizational Psychology
  • PSY-P 511 Seminar in Professional Skills, Legal Issues and Ethics
  • PSY-P 541 Methods of Survey Research
  • Complete one of the following:
    • PSY-P 509 Group Behavior and Communication
    • PSY-P 502 Developmental Psychology
    • PSY-P 624 Principles of Psychopathology
    • PSY-P 512 Seminar in Grant Writing
    • EDUC-G 532 Introduction to Group Counseling
  • Complete one of the following:
    • IDIS-D511/SPCH-S324 Persuasive Speaking
    • IDIS-D511/SPCH-S333 Public Relations
    • IDIS-D511/SPCH-S427 Cross Cultural Communication
    • IDIS-D511/SPCH-S440 Organizational Communication
    • IDIS-D511/SPCH-S450 Gender and Communication
    • EDUC-G504 Counseling Theories and Techniques II: Behavior and Family Systems

Applied Science and Instruction

  • Complete two of the following:
    • EDUC-Q550 Science Technoloyg and Society for a Changing World
    • EDUC-E518 Workshop in General Elementary Education
    • EDUC-Q590 Independent Study or Research in Science Education
    • EDUC-S518 Advance Study Teaching of Secondary School Science
    • EDUC-E516 Workshop in Elementary School Science
    • EDUC-E548 Advanced Teaching of Science in the Elementary School
    • EDUC-S512 Workshop in Secondary Education
    • Other courses as approved by program director
  • Complete two of the following in a single area of science:
    • BIOL-L 579 Community Ecology
    • IDIS-D513/PLSC-B364 Summer Flowering Plants
    • IDIS-D513/PLSC-B373 Plant Growth and Development
    • IDIS-D513/CHEM-C317 Equilibria and Elctrochemistry
    • IDIS-D513/CHEM-C364 Introduction to Basic Measurements
    • IDIS-D513/CHEM-C486 Biol Chemistry Laboratory
    • IDIS-D513/GEOG-G338 Geographic Information Science
    • IDIS-D513/GEOL-G334 Principles of Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
    • IDIS-D513/GEOL-G417 Optical Mineralogy
    • IDIS-D513/BIOL-L313 Cell Biology Labratory
    • IDIS-D513/BIOL-L319 Genetics Laboratory
    • IDIS-D513/BIOL-L474 Field and Laboratory Ecology
    • IDIS-D513/BIOL-L303 Field Biology
    • IDIS-D513/MICR-M315 Microbiology Laboratory
    • IDIS-D513/PHSL-P418 Lab in Comp Animal Physiology
    • IDIS-D513/ZOOL-Z383 Laboratory in Entomology
    • Other courses as approved by program director
  • One elective

Digital Media

  • IDIS-D512/JOUR-J301 Social Media Strategies
  • IDIS-D513/INFO-I300 Human-Computer Interaction Design and Programming
  • Complete one of the following:
    • IDIS-D513/INFO-I330 Legal and Social Informatics of Security
    • IDIS-D513/INFO-I368 Introduction to Network Science
    • IDIS-D513/INFO-I421 Applications of Data Mining
    • IDIS-D513/INFO-I441 Interaction Design Practice
  • Complete two of the following:
    • IDIS-D511/SPCH-S307 Crisis Management
    • IDIS-D511/SPCH-S333 Public Relations
    • IDIS-D512/JOUR-C327 Writing for Mass Media
    • IDIS-D512/JOUR-J303 Online Journalism
    • IDIS-D512/JOUR-J321 Principles of Public Relations
    • IDIS-D512/JOUR-J344 Photojournalism Reporting
    • IDIS-D512/JOUR-J349 Public Relations Writing
    • IDIS-D512/JOUR-J354 Photo Journalism Editing
    • IDIS-D512/JOUR-J362 Journalism Multimedia Storytelling
    • IDIS-D512/JOUR-J384 Videojournalism

Gender Studies

Eighteen of the 34 hours required for the MIS degree must have a gender focus. Of these 18 hours, six are for the graduate project, which must have a gender theme. The remaining 12 hours may be obtained in several ways. Suggested courses include:

  • IDIS-D512/FINA-A490 Topics in Art History
  • IDIS-D512/LSTU-L385 Class, Race, Gender and Work
  • IDIS-D512/PSY-P460 The Psychology of Women
  • IDIS-D512/SOC-S308 Global Society
  • IDIS-D512/SOC-R463 Inequality and Society
  • IDIS-D512/PHIL-P314 Modern Philosophy
  • IDIS-D512/PHIL-P394 Feminist Philosophy
  • IDIS-D512/PSY-B388 Human Sexuality
  • IDIS-D512/SOC-R320 Sexuality and Society


  • Complete additional elctives to obtain 34 total credit hours.

Health Humanities

  • IDIS-D511/PHIL-P393 Biomedical Ethics
  • IDIS-D512/PSY-P303 Health Psychology
  • IDIS-D512/SOC-S314 Social Aspects of Health and Medicine
  • Complete two of the following:
    • EDUC-Q 550 Science Technoloyg and Society for a Changing World
    • IDIS-D512/ENG-L373 Interdisciplinary Approaches to English and American Literature
    • IDIS-D512/ENG-L378 Studies in Women and Literature
    • IDIS-D512/NURS-K301 Complementary Health Therapies
    • IDIS-D512/PSY-P305 Psychology and Cultures
    • Other courses as approved by program director

International Studies

  • One multinational course
  • One economics course
  • One humanities course
  • One social science course
  • One additional course from economics, humanities, or social science
  • Seminars from the Interdisciplinary Core and Graduate Project must be of an international nature with focus in the major area selected for other course work by the student (Europe, Latin America or East Asia).
  • Students mus have a foreign language proficiency equivalent to two years of college study. Students who have not met the requirement as an undergraduate would be required to demonstrate the appropriate level of language proficiency or to take two years of a foreign language. The foregin language in which the student is proficient is not required to match his/her major area (Europe, Latin America or East Asia) with the International Studies concentration.

Organizational Leadership and Communication

  • IDIS-D512/PSY-B378 Introduction to Industrial Psychology
  • IDIS-D512/ENG-W331 Business and Administrative Writing
  • IDIS-D512/SPCH-S440 Organizational Communication
  • IDIS-D512/BUS-W320 Leadership and Ethics
  • One Elective

Post-Secondary Instruction

  • IDIS-D591 Graduate Seminar in Teaching and Learning
  • IDIS-D550 Teaching Assistantship
  • Enough additional credit hours in a single field to achieve 15 total elective hours
  • Teaching dossier: student evaluations of teaching, faculty review of teaching, teaching philosophy


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