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Master of Science in Nursing - Nursing Educator


Our master of science in Nursing degree prepares registered nurses with advanced practice nursing knowledge in the areas of nursing education and administration. 

Nurses with this advanced knowledge enhance health care delivery for the community, while serving in leadership and administrative roles provides opportunities for advanced health care delivery systems and ultimately improved health for the citizens of our region.

Graduate Nursing Core (18 Credit Hours)

Dept. Course Number Course Name Credit Hours Minimum Grade
NURS-R 505 Measurement and Data Analysis 3 B-
NURS-N 502 Nursing Theory I 3 B-
NURS-R 500 Nursing Research Methods I 3 B-
NURS-Y 510 Advanced Practice Concepts I 3 B-
NURS-Y 520 Advanced Practice Concepts II 3 B-
NURS-I 630 Introduction to Nursing Informatics 3 B-

Direct Care Core (21 Credit hours)

Dept. Course Number  Course Name Credit Hours Minimum Grade
NURS-T 670 Teaching of Nursing 3 B-
NURS-T 615 Nursing Curriculum 3 B-
NURS-T 617 Evaluation in Nursing 3 B-
NURS-T 619 Computer Technologies for Nurse Educators 3 B-
EDUC 500+ Graduate Course in Education 3 B-
NURS-R 590 Research Study 3 B-
NURS-T 679 Nursing Education Practicum 3 B-

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