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Neuroscience Program
402 N. Blackford Street, LD 124
Indianapolis, IN 46202-3276
Phone: (317) 278-2237; Fax: (317) 274-2846
  • Director Teri L. Belecky-Adams, Ph.D. 

Neuroscience is a rapidly advancing field that examines the structure and function of the nervous system with particular focus on the intersection between the brain and behavior.  This field has emerged through the explosive growth of research in the neural sciences and increased interest in the mechanisms that support behavior in humans and in animal models.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that is grounded in biology, psychology, physics, chemistry, computer science and mathematical sciences, with the nervous system as a common focus.  All students are encouraged to participate in research in laboratories across the School of Science and the IU School of Medicine utilizing the state-of-the-art experimental methods available to them.

Neuroscience courses will be drawn primarily from the Department of Biology and the Department of Psychology.  Foundational coursework will also be completed in Chemistry, Physics, Neuroscience, and Computer Science.  The degree program culminates in a capstone research experience.

Because neuroscience is a rapidly advancing field of inquiry, there is a high demand for trained professionals with knowledge and skills related to neuroscience for careers in medicine, academic or government-supported research, health-related sciences, and biotechnology.  It is anticipated that a substantial proportion of graduates may elect to continue their training in graduate or professional school, particularly schools of medicine.