Bachelor of Arts

Group II: Foreign Language

The College of Arts and Sciences entrance requirement is two courses at the 100 level in a foreign language. Students admitted to arts and sciences without this background will be required to make up the deficiency. The requirement may be met by examination or by successful completion of the course taken. (Two years of good high school work in a foreign language should enable a student to place out of the first 8 credit hours and into 200-level courses.) Preferably, placement is determined by the score obtained on the College Board Achievement Test administered during the student's senior year in high school.

The B.A. degree requirement of foreign language may be fulfilled in the following ways:

  • By completing satisfactorily 6 credit hours of course work or the equivalent at the 200 level in a foreign language or by completing 3 credit hours of course work or the equivalent at the 200 level and two semesters of culture courses taught in English from the same language base. These culture courses may be taken at any point during the student's program of study of a foreign language.
  • By attaining, at any time, an achievement test score sufficient for placement in courses at the first- semester third-year level in a foreign language.

Special Credit as a Result of Placement Test

A student who places at the third-year level on the language placement test and receives a grade of C or higher in the validating third-year-level course will be eligible to receive 6 hours of special credit with a grade of S. A student who places in the second semester of the second year and completes the validating course with a grade of C or higher will be eligible to receive 3 hours of special credit with a grade of S. It will be the responsibility of the student to request that the language department forward this information to the College of Arts and Sciences.

Proficiency Examinations

A student may complete the language requirement by taking a proficiency examination administered by the department concerned. Students with a background in a language other than those taught at IU Northwest may take an examination from the relevant department at IU Bloomington. Such examinations will be given after the student has petitioned the IU Bloomington department and received the consent of the department. See the section of this bulletin entitled "Credit by Examination" under "Academic Regulations and Policies" for details

Foreign Students

Students whose native language is not English may substitute demonstrated proficiency in their native language if it is offered for instruction at Indiana University. They may not, however, earn credit for any courses at the first- or second-year level in their native language.

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